The Mindful Catholic Exercises

9 Exclusive Mindfulness Exercises That Will Transform Your LIfe and...

Help You Find God And Peace One Moment At A Time!

Use these free audio exercises on their own as basic meditations to practice Catholic mindfulness, or within the context of the training provided in either The Mindful Catholic book or our online course Introduction to Catholic Mindfulness.*


✟ The Raisin Exercise

✟ Body and Breath

✟ Body Scan

✟ Sacramental Pause

✟ Mindful Movement

✟ Exploring Difficulty

✟ Mercy Exercise

✟ Thoughts and Sounds

✟ Advanced Sacramental Pause

* Click here for information on The Mindful Catholic: Finding God One Moment At A Time written by Dr. Greg Bottaro.

And click here to learn about our course the Introduction to Catholic Mindfulness.